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Waterless bicycle cleaning wipes.

Vulcanet is a complete cleaning product for occasional or recurrent maintenance of your road bike, mountain bike or electric bike.
Using Vulcanet means achieving perfection.


Vulcanet® cleans, degreases, protects, polishes and lubricates in a single pass.

Vulcanet®, keep your passion like new. Without drying and without traces.

No equipment, no water, no brush, no foam, no brush.

  • 1 - Unscrew the box cover
  • 2 - Remove the aluminium lid from the box
  • 3 - Remove a wipe from the centre of the roll
  • 4 - Clean the surfaces, proceed in small parts and let act if necessary.
    Vulcanet immediately takes off and captures all dirt.
  • 5 -Vulcanet® remains usable as long as it is wet.
  • 6 - When the surface is clean, polish with the gray microfiber in the hood, make quick movements

In high heat, work small surfaces quickly.

In wet weather, dry the surface with a dry cloth.

Contains 60 mini Vulcanets + microfiber M420 grs.