Since the launch of its first generation back in 2009, Gocycle has made an indelible mark on the electric bike industry as the best lightweight folding eBike on the market, with a succession of generations bringing advancements and betterments on an already renowned and award-winning starting position.

How to order your Go cycle:

1: Head over to either Cycle fit Fire Station or Store Street to book a test ride 

2: Place your order with us in store or receive a code that will be redeemed on the Go cycle website

3: The bike will be delivered to either Cycle fit Fire Station or Store Street 

4:  First free service after six to eight weeks though cycle fit  worth *£185

*Depending on specifications, the delivery time can range from a couple of days to around eight weeks. We will try to give you an accurate estimate while we are putting your order together.

 Please note the images below are of the demo bikes we have on offer to try.

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Sale price $5,180.00 Regular price $6,475.00 Sale