Sidi Dragon 5 SRS Matt MTB Shoes Black

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Reinforce your feet without compromising on outstanding comfort with the Dragon 5 SRS Matt MTB Shoes. They utilise a MTB SRS Carbon Composite Sole that welcomes a fully re-buildable sole tread and the replaceable fastening ensures that they can stand up to even the harshest of shredding. Designed to revolutionise the way we ride offroad, this sole has an optional toe guard to defend against the roughest form of terrain while the tread panels and screws can be purchased individually. Consisting of four insert screws, anything is possible.

Unrivalled Comfort

You name it, the Dragon 5 SRS Matt MTB Shoes can deliver it. Fitted with a Microfibre Techpro fabric the impressive Sidi creation is crafted from a microfibre PU made in Italy. Highly technological and destined to redefine innovation, this eco-friendly leather is all you need for performances of the highest level. It ensures stability from the first pedal until the last and its lightweight water-repellence and eco-friendliness guarantee that you look and feel good when shredding to feel absolutely dialled.

For those that ride fast, the Techpro Microfibre also treats for hydro and anti-mould issues, eliminating the onset of bacteria and keeping the foot as fresh as humanly possible. Pair this with the Dragon 5 SRS’ ability to vent and maximise the flow of air around the shoe and you have footwear capable of dominating each and every scenario. Oeko-Tex certified, the Techpro Microfibre is also free of harmful substances.

The Ultimate Fit
If the comfort inside doesn’t do it for you, the fitting of the Dragon 5 will. A Soft Instep Closure System keeps things wide and oh so cosy, customising your fitting to ensure there is no pressure put on the main body of the foot. It boasts an anatomically curved strap and combines with a thermo-formed EVA pad to distribute any remaining pressure across the foot. Adjustable from both sides, the closure system eliminates any requirement for a high step extender and is certain to appeal to those who like to make on-the-fly adjustments.

Should you ever wish to take the Dragon 5 Road Shoes off, and trust us it will be a hard decision due to their outstanding comfort, Sidi’s Techno-3 Push system certainly makes things simple. The buckle is serviceable for easy adjustments and allows an easy release to let you slip out effortlessly, while it also works to tighten your fitting too. If that wasn’t enough there is also a high-security Velcro strap to secure your closure. This is unmoveable once you hit the road and works with integrated locking polymer teeth.

Add in the reinforced heel for optimal foot positioning and the avoidance of deformity due to extreme performance or prolonged pressure and in the Dragon 5 Road Shoe you have a true legend in the making.