Sidi Shot 2 Road Cycling Shoes Black

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Light, supple, durable and incredibly efficient at transferring power to the pedals, the Shot 2 Road Cycling Shoes cut no corners when it comes to cycling performance. A microfibre upper gives you a pair of shoes that offer immediate comfort. And it's durable too, an essential for regular training and racing. At the heart of any great cycling shoes is the sole, and here the C-Boost SRS Carbon sole unit gets optimal power to your pedals with little wasted effort.

C-Boost SRS Carbon Sole

Designed to deliver uncompromising performance, this carbon sole has a carefully engineered shape and a carbon lay-up that delivers direct power transfer, leading to lightning-quick acceleration and rival-dropping pedal strokes. Cleat extension has been increased ± 5 mm to allow for more cleat adjustment while the millimetre scale allows you to get the right position every time you replace your cleats. 

SRS (Sole Replacement System)

The SRS sole features replaceable inserts in Nylon and TPU. These inserts provide protection of the carbon sole in the areas most prone to wear and damage and boosts durability and grip when you're walking. Ventilation holes are fully integrated too, ensuring excellent air circulation during every pedal stroke. 

Double-Techno-3 Push Flex System

With the Double-Techno-3 Push Flex System, Sidi have created a quick and easy adjustment system that is also engineered to eliminate pressure across the instep. Being positioned centrally, you'll also benefit from more even closure pressure between inner and outer sides of the shoe, securing your foot for an incredibly stable pedal stroke. Micro-adjustment and easy release make this a system you can use easily on the go too - tighten up for the sprint - loosen up when it's hot. 

Reflex Adjustable Heel Retention Device

Ensuring there's no heel slippage and as a result, no loss of pedalling efficiency or discomfort, the Reflex adjustable heel retention device is easily adjusted to suit your foot shape and preference. Sprinting, climbing or driving the peloton, enjoy firm foot-hold. 

Cleat Guidance

These Road Shoes are compatible with road bike pedal systems that use cleats with 3-bolt standards, such as: Look Delta and Keo, Shimano SPD-SL, Speedplay Light Action, Zero, X-Series (via 3-hole adapter plate), Campagnolo Pro-Fit, Mavic Zxellium, Time Iclic/Xpresso and Time Impact.