Rene Herse Tyres

This is the old pricing pre Liz Truss' antics; our latest order is somewhere in the USA and we are unable to trace it.

We recommend ordering now before the prices increase!

High performance road, gravel and MTB tyres. Rene Herse tyres are renowned for their super-supple ride over rough roads and gravel surfaces.

Rene Herse have two tread pattens;

File - for road and light gravel use, the latter in dry conditions only.

Knobby - for more demanding off-road use and perfect for winter riding in the UK as the tread pattern sheds mud easily and they also ride well on the road too with minimal drag and stable cornering.

We also recommend using the Panaracer sealant when fitting the tyres, it makes for a better rim/tyre bead seal with the Rene Herse tyres than other well known brands.

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