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PR Lotion is designed to maximize your training and recovery by unlocking bicarb, a natural electrolyte that improves muscle function and helps you combat fatigue during hard workouts.

Get more from every training session with PR lotion. Each bottle supports 10-15 workouts. As use by EF Pro Cycling

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Hard Workouts Per Week Monthly suggested requirement
                      2 1 bottle
                      3 2 bottles
4+ 3 bottles

The first and only lotion that gives bicarb to your working muscles.

PR Lotion combines bicarb with our patented absorption technology to send bicarb where you need it most–your muscles.

Bicarb helps you do more of what you love and come back strong the next day by neutralizing acid in your muscles. PR Lotion is a revolutionary yet simple way to give your body more of what it needs when you train hard.

Bicarb neutralizes acid created by your muscles as a by-product when you work at your limit.

When you hold your max for too long, acid builds up, causing your muscles to burn and disrupting muscle contraction.

Our bodies naturally produce bicarb, which is high pH, to neutralize acidity in a common acid-base reaction. PR Lotion gives your body more bicarb to clear more acid, giving you the ability to push yourself harder for longer.

Bicarb reduces chemical stress in your muscles which helps prevent soreness.

Alkalinization prevents one of multiple causes of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Intense exercise produces free radicals that cause muscle damage and inflammation which leads to soreness. Alkalinization with bicarb reduces free radical release, thus reducing muscle soreness in the days after intense efforts.


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