Bikefit In-The-Shoe (ITS) Wedges

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  • Can be used inside either the right or left shoe under the insole
  • Symmetrical design with a 1.5 degree tilt per wedge
  • Includes four (4) ITS-F Wedges 

Research conducted on cyclist's feet showed that 96% of us have forefeet that are canted or tilted up to the inside inward ("varus") or outward toward the outside ("valgus").  The vast majority (87%) of cyclist's feet tilt up to the inside.  Unfortunately, almost all cycling shoes, cleats and pedals take this natural tilt and force it flat.  This can generate knee pain, create a foot "hotspot" (where the inner or outer side of the foot feels hot) and diminish power.   
In the Shoe (ITS) Wedges® provide 1.5 degrees of inward angulation (aka "varus") in cycling shoes that have ample room in the forefoot area. They are often used in conjunction with Cleat Wedges® or as a quick way of determining if inward or outward forefoot tilt or canting exists.

ITS wedges are a good alternative to external wedges for mountain bike shoes and can also be combined with external cleat wedges on road shoes in some cases.

The maximum recommended amount is two per shoe except in extreme cases, we recommend consulting Cyclefit before you do this. The ITS wedges work best when combined with a Bontrager footbed otherwise they will force the foot to twist when downward pressure is applied.