Bontrager Montrose Comp Men's Saddle

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Cut-out saddle with rounded edges and soft padding for comfortable long distance riding. For road or mountain use.

The Montrose Comp is a similar shape to the Montrose Elite saddle but with more generous and softer padding; the cut-out relieves pressure on the Perineum and soft tissue. Built to be at home on either your road or mountain bike the Montrose shape offers increased stability at the nose and better pressure distribution throughout.

  • A great saddle that is available in three sizes to reflect sit-bone width
  • Contour Relief Zone Plus (CRZ+) full saddle cutaway enhances soft tissue protection
  • Soft cushion padding provides ultra comfort
  • Channel Flex on bottom of shell for added compliance
  • Abrasion resistant polymer-edge adds durability without adding weight
  • inForm BioDynamic products optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance
  • Steel rails
  • 298g - 308g
  • Black only