Darimo IX4 Stem Mat UD

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Introducing the new Darimo IX4 stem, the perfect stem for your road bike with just a weight of 74 grams in 100 mm length.

If you use our Ellipse Road handlebar or a MTB Handlebar, we recommend you the Darimo IX2 Stem.

The stem is manufactured in a single piece from unidirectional and bidirectional carbon fabrics. It has a careful construction and lamination that reduces weight maintaining vertical and torsional stiffness. The frontal cap is made of carbon fiber too.
Like all our products, each stem is laminated by hand, then the exact number of carbon layers whith the correct direction is placed at each stem point.

In combination with carbon, M4 titanium screws are used with a bigger head to prevent damage during the assembly. The small nuts are made with anodized 7075 aluminum.
Finishes: 3K Gloss, 3K matte, UD matte, UD gloss (the UD finish may have small voids due to the flowing air and a weight gain of 3-4 grams).

Weight limit: The Darimo stem is safe and exceeds the tests of ISO 4210-2, but it is not recommended for riders over 90 kg, request the reinforced version if necessary.

Uses: Road, x-cross, MTB.

Clamping diameter: 31.8mm

Angles: -6º, -12º

Lengths: 60-70-80-90-100-110-120-130mm

Steering diameter: 1-1/8″.

Clamping width: 46mm

Stack height: 46mm


-Body and frontal cap: Unidirectional and bidirectional carbon fibre fabrics.

-Nuts: Anodized 7075 T6 aluminum.

-Bolts: Ti Gr5 M4.

Weight (+-3%):

60mm-65g           70mm-67g         80mm-69g       90mm-71g

100mm-74g        110mm-77g       120mm-80g     130mm-82g


If you want a different finish or if you are over 90 kg, just indicate it, we will liaise with Darimo to manufacture a product according to your needs.

Why that shape?:

Why we produce a stem with not round section? Why not square?
It is not an arbitrary decision, it’s an engineered design.
After many computational finite elements analysis (FEA) we have manufactured the power with the perfect cross section.

The external dimensions allows an adequate alignment of the fiber with the handlebar and steering tuve. We have shown that a power with square-circular section (square with rounded edges), at equal weight, is torsionally stiffer and the stress is reduced by 20% compared to a perfectly square or round section. Therefore we have achieved the combination that provides the stiffer and lightness possible. The following graph shows the results of the analyses performed. We do not choose the shape, engineering chooses it.