Enve Mog Frameset

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The Enve Mog frame is supplied with the complete Enve cockpit for £5.5k

Our experts can work out the correct dimensions of the frame, handlebars, stem and seatpost for the perfect fit.

Handlebar options:

Enve Gravel - 

There are many options to build your Enve Mog  you can Send us your fit info, book in for a bike fit or online consult. 

About the Enve Mog

Build your dream carbon bike off the shelf to roam on a frame suited to you. Off road stability, handling and speed are delivered by this go anywhere, do everything bike. Fire roads, singletrack, bridleways, broken lanes and smooth tarmac are a tyre change away!

Any frame designed by ENVE will be strong, stiff and made from the best carbon, with a Material Optimised Design that achieves zone-specific toughness, stiffness and compliance, by building to the strengths of carbon fibre, not to mention lightness through the removal of excess material.

Select from six frame sizes, with size specific fork rakes, allowing you to enjoy amazing handling and stability, regardless of your size and preferred riding style. With help from our experts and ENVE's Best-Fit Calculator, you will achieve a fit that delivers the ultimate ride experience.

Internal storage, with two neoprene cargo bags, is built into the frame, allowing you to carry food and tools. The same compartment holds a cable retention strap that secures hidden cables and prevents rattling. Add a saddle, frame or bar bag to make longer rides or multi-day trips viable.

Next, choose a handlebar, stem and seatpost. Bars and stems are designed to work with ENVE's IN-Route System, to improve the MOG's aero performance and neaten your cockpit. Choose the G-Series bar for comfort and control, the SES AR for a smooth ride, the SES Aero Road for speed and power, or the Compact Road for precise handling with an ergonomic grip.

The Aero Integrated Stem, with its -7° drop, is suited to aerodynamic positions and delivers a responsive ride feel, while the Aero Integrated Positive, with its rise of +12°, works best with an upright posture and delivers stability, making it suitable for off road use.

The MOG's round 27.2mm seat tube will accommodate a strong, light and comfortable ENVE carbon seatpost. Or, if off road control is your thing, opt for the trimmable, alloy G Series Dropper Seatpost, which allows up to 40mm of drop and will lower your centre of gravity, giving you confidence on descents and over rough ground.

Finally, pair your frameset with an ENVE SES, G Series or Foundation wheelset to create a “rolling chassis”. Decide whether rolling efficiency and lightness, traction and stable control or aero optimisation matters most to you, then choose between a 40mm tyre, for mud clearance on fast tracks, or a 50mm tyre, for comfort and traction on bumpy, loose or technical trails.

Made for use with a threaded T47 bottom bracket and offering 1x or 2x mechanical or electronic drivetrain compatibility, wired or wireless, the MOG includes fenders and rack mounts, letting you add an ENVE X K-Edge Combo mount to hold your computer, or lights and a camera to chart your travels.

All these features – ample storage, a light frame and balanced geometry that will let you ride with confidence and comfort on all terrains – add up to a bike with superb handling that's perfect for anyone who wants to search out new vistas and forever redefine their limits – that is, anyone who dares to MOG!