ENVE One-piece SES AR Bar / Stem Combo (Enve IN-Route)

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For pre-order expected Feb 2024.

Only works with Melee, Mog and bikes with Enve/Chris King in-route headsets.

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The SES AR Handlebar was launched in 2020 and has rapidly established itself as our most popular handlebar. The reasons for its rapid rise to success are not surprising to those of us who created it. Our experiences riding our speed oriented SES Aero Road Handlebar and the confidence inspiring G Series Handlebar, inspired the design. The SES AR Handlebar with it’s aerodynamic shape and thoughtfully flared drops, makes this bar the definitive modern road handlebar platform.

From this base, we turned our popular stand-alone handlebar into a one-piece bar/stem combo to further improve aero performance, reduce weight, enhance aesthetics, and improve the ride quality. 

With the wires and hoses running through the bar and into the stem, we worked with computer and accessory mount experts K-EDGE to create a combo mount that integrates into the handlebar and houses a Shimano EW-RS910 bar-end type junction box with charging port. In builds where a wireless drivetrain is employed, the junction box holder may be left empty with a dummy cover in place. 

Custom Made In-House

○ Bar Width Options: 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm
○ Stem Size Options: 90mm-130mm in 5mm increments
○ Drop: -7 Degrees
○ Weight: 315g-340g
○ Reach: 76mm
○ Drop: 127mm
○ Drop Flare: 23.5mm
○ Torque Spec Steerer: 6Nm
○ Torque Spec Controls: 6Nm-8Nm
○ Stack Height: 40mm
○ Included Spacers: (2) 10mm (2) 5mm

Enve One-Piece Computer Mount Combo

Key benefits:

- Reduced frontal area
- Eliminates external brake hoses and wires, placing them out of sight, and out of the wind.
- Strikes a balance between aerodynamic efficiencies, control and comfort.
- Saves weight