Lake CX402 Standard Shoe

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The Lake CX402 Road CFC Shoes Standard Width offer a range of elite details and design features, which together combine to make these some of the most compelling shoes on the market.

Kangaroo leather has long been recognised as the best material for cycling shoes as it offers the best level of fit, breathability and comfort whilst also being incredibly lightweight. The CX402's upper is constructed from Klite Kangaroo leather to give you the pinnacle in shoe performance across the board.

A custom fit carbon fibre sole enhances that all-important power transfer, ensuring that no power is dissipated in the flex of the shoe, whilst also maintaining the most favourable foot position in the pedal stroke.

The CX402 Shoes are equipped with a three-hole cleat pattern meaning that a wide range of road cleats can be attached easily and with a great level of customisation. A replaceable heel strike pad means that you can walk around in these shoes safe in the knowledge that you can replace these before wearing through the heel.

For the lining, Lake have used a high-performance perforated kangaroo leather that allows for a superb level of breathability and foot support.

With elite road cycling shoes such as these, the closure system is of the utmost importance in terms of comfort and performance. A poorly closing shoe means that your foot is not secured and therefore you are not going to be able to maximise your power output and chaffing and discomfort can become a problem. Lake utilises the Dual Side mounted Push/Pull Boa lacing system with releasable lace guides to give you the highest level of customisation in terms of fit and the easiest means of taking the shoe on and off with the quick release functionality. Even while riding, you can make micro adjustments to achieve the best fit.

Where the Lake CX402 really separates itself from the competition is in its CFC Race Last. The Race Last is specifically shaped to optimise your power transfer to the pedals, making sure no energy is lost in the pedal stroke by putting your foot in a position that allows energy to be focused exclusively on the pedal.

Please note

This is an online offer only and does not include fitting or heat moulding.

The Lake cx402 shoe has a carbon heel cup that is custom mouldable. 
The carbon heel cup is narrow when manufactured and may pinch the heel when it is first tried on.

If the shoes feel fine then no problem.

To get the best and most comfortable fit they must be heated and moulded to your foot. Instructions are in the video link below:
However, if you find them still uncomfortable after this process unfortunately we are unable to accept a return as the shoes have been reshaped and are not re-sellable.
We usually recommend to purchase shoes from a store like ours so we can mould them for you, however, we are unable to offer this service at the moment.

There is always the option for a non-mouldable shoe like the CX332 OR CX238.
But, if you can't wait and feel comfortable with what you are doing we will ship you the shoes!

Many thanks