LANDRACE - On the Verge Seed Mix

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Improve the wildflower biodiversity on your ride!

97% of wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s due to construction and changes in agriculture.

We have put together a selection UK wildflowers that are very scarce, by scattering these seeds in to the road verges on your rides you will be helping to improve your local area's bio-diversity and provide a valuable source of nutrition for pollenators whose numbers are in a catastrophic decline.

Wildflowers and wildflower meadows have many benefits for our wildlife including:

Attracting insects that can help protect crops from pests
Provide a food source for bees, other pollinators, birds and small mammals
Provide wildlife with shelter and a place to breed
Roots can help stabilize the soil, once the plant is established

If you don't want to take them on your ride, scatter in your garden or in a window box.


A selection of hardy, wildflower seeds. 

Birdsfoot Trefoil – Yellow – Height 10-40cm
Self Heal – Purple – Height 20-30cm
Ribwort Plaintain – Brown and White – Height 10-50cm
Lady’s Bedstraw – Yellow – Height 30cm
Sainfoin – Pink – Height 25-50cm
Yellow Rattle – Yellow – Height 15-50cm
Devils Bit Scabious – Purple/Blue.  Height 30-60cm
Wild Marjoram – Pink – Height 75-100cm
Ragged Robin – Pink – Height 75-100cm
Kidney Vetch – Yellow – Height 15-40cm
Forget-me-Not – Blue – Height 30cm
Salad Burnet – Red – Height 30-40cm