Look Keo Blade Carbon Cr Axle Pedals

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The Look Keo Blade Carbon Cr Axle Pedals are specifically engineered for fast-paced road use as they offer outstanding comfort and control.

Firmer and more positive cleat retention than the Keo 2 Max

Ready for action, these brilliant components feature a carbon composite  body and blade construction which allows you to enjoy their superior strength to weight ratio as you blast ahead of your competitors. Coming kitted out with CrMo axles and stainless-steel bearings, these superb pedals are more than capable of withstanding all the challenges of adrenaline-fuelled races while remaining light and aerodynamic.

Top Features:

  • Body Material: Carbon Composite
  • Blade Material: Carbon Composite
  • Axle Material: CrMo Steel
  • Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pedal Type: Clip-in (Cleats Included)
  • Platform Area: 700mm2
  • Platform Width: 67mm
  • Pedal Tension: 12Nm (pedals also come with 16Nm blades)
  • Part Number: PEKBC23407
  • Weight: 288g (approx)