Reform Seymour saddle

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Order online for home delivery (select the power unit option) or order without the power unit and we can mould the saddle at Cyclefit FOC.

The Reform saddle uses your body as the mould and our patented technology to thermo-mould and permanently form the saddle shell to you, on your own bike. Giving you the ultimate custom saddle fit.

The Reform, Seymour, is a thermo-mouldable, high-performance, bike saddle designed for cyclists who strive to get the most out of every ride. The nature of the dynamic, on-bike moulding process allows the Seymour to mitigate points of unwanted pressure, ensure direct and equal weight distribution and balance asymmetry in both the body and pedal stroke, giving you a true custom saddle feel. By moulding the saddle to change its shape we achieve a performance saddle that does not forgo comfort.

If you are happy with the saddle and do not wish to remould it, you can return the power supply for a £35.00 refund.

W  142mm
L   252mm
Weight 197g
7x 10mm carbon monocoque rail
Black on black with a side of carbon