Selle San Marco Allroad Open-Fit Racing Saddle (L3)

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San Marco's Shortfit saddles are the most popular range at Cyclefit for riders who prefer a more forward position and a longer reach. The Allroads saddle is a great option for gravel bikes. It is very comfortable and helps the pelvis rotate forward promoting better posture. The raised back of the saddle provides stable support on the climbs. The curved profile reduces pressure points on the pubic ramii often seen with other brand's short nosed saddles.

This saddle is slightly longer than the standard shortfit saddle and has slightly more padding on the nose.

This saddle is referred to as a WIDE (L3) but fits more like a medium Bontrager (138) or Specialized saddle (143).

San Marco says:

The all new Selle San MarcoAllRoad saddle has been developed for riders who enjoy new adventures on and off road. Built for those looking for a high level of all day comfort on a wide variety of terrains. It is designed with a narrow front end to provide maximum freedom of the legs while pedalling, preventing bothersome rubbing and chafing. The Allroad also features an ample area of ischiatic support, with a slight lift on the edge of the back end to provide optimal support for the cyclist during long rides.

The wide central opening ensures adequate blood circulation and prevents uncomfortable pressure. The double density padding with increasing levels of thickness offer a pleasant feeling on road and off-road terrains.

The Racing version features a Woven material on the sides of the cover, a functional aspect that’s important to protect the saddle in case of falls or scrapes against rough surfaces.


  • Rail: Xsilite
  • Shell: Carbon Fibre Reinforced
  • Padding: Double Density Biofoam
  • Cover: Embossed Microfeel + Woven Microfeel
  • Saddle Profile: Open / Waved
  • Size: 268 x 146mm / ID-Match Ref: L3
  • Weight: 175g
  • Use: Road / Off Road
  • Colours: Black/Black

It is a material with a high percentage of silicon with particles of titanium and carbon. Light and strong, it turns out to be resistant to all weather conditions. The process through the stealth technology ensures a better strength against fatigue stress

Nylon with high properties, enriched with a high proportion of long carbon fibre, in order to reinforce the characteristics of rigidity, stiffness and durability without compromising the weight.

Biodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis during pedalling, guarantees comfort, reduced weight, lasting resistance and ideal support. The “closed cells” surface ensures water is repelled from the padding.

Breathable and hard wearing cover. It is lighter than traditional materials and less deformable. Anti-skid effect with an extraordinary grip on the saddle. Biocompatible material. Corner touch points have a woven fabric for added style & durability.

The perfect balance between the support and relief zone. The "big hole" helps maintain comfort under pressure and offers day long support and comfort. The central relief zone is long enough

to work in all riding positions.