Seven OVRLAND XX Titanium Gravel Bike (Order Deposit)

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Redefining gravel riding

At home on gravel. Quick on road. Capable on trails.

A Lockdown colab between Cyclefit and Seven Cycles

All new dual wheel design

Rider Ready geometry

Four week lead time

Delivered to your Door

This bike project is a collaboration between Cyclefit in London, England, and Seven Cycles in Boston, MA. The bike is a Limited Edition available through Thursday, April 30. When the clock has run out, this design will never be available again.

Available in two SRAM build options, frame and forks only and 'a la carte'.

1. SRAM Force AXS 2 X 12 with Zipp Service Course cockpit and Hunt wheels: £9,999.00

2. SRAM Eagle/Force AXS with full Enve cockpit and G23 or G27 Enve wheels: £12,899.00

3. Frame, forks and CK headset: £6,499.00.

4. A la carte build, please email.

Place a £1,000.00 deposit to initialise your order.

Why choose Seven’s OVRLND XX gravel bike?

The OVRLND is an entirely new gravel bike design. Every element of the bike is different from what’s come before. From the internal routing ports to the dropout interfaces and everything in between, we’ve updated each aspect of what you've come to expect from a gravel bike. Some of the elements are visibly obvious, while some are subtle but no less important. Read on to learn about the subtleties.

The OVRLND’s namesake, "overland" describes the bike’s use. It can be ridden on just about any terrain. It’s a very capable road machine with the right tires. It behaves like a drop-bar mountain bike when the trails get rough. It’s happy on any terrain in between, too.

We call it the OVRLND because this is the most versatile mixed-terrain performance bike we’ve ever built.


Super at everything you'd ever want a gravel bike to be.

Rider Ready Design

Full custom. Uncomplicated.

The idea of Rider Ready Design came out of a series of conversations between Cyclefit and Seven’s design team, with an intention to reflect the extraordinary times we are currently living in. Rider Ready is envisioned to creatively harness the world’s most advanced titanium workshop with the world’s most respected fitting laboratory, to bring you a bicycle that will perform for a lifetime. Rider Ready removes every factor of friction associated with achieving a truly handmade, custom bike. Behind the scenes, Seven and Cyclefit have streamlined every aspect of the order, management, and framebuilding steps.

An added benefit is much quicker delivery than any custom bike program that’s come before.

Find out more about this amazing bike HERE

Supporting the fight to eliminate COVID-19

Your bike purchase helps keep frontline workers and our most at risk citizens safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. With each bike sold, Cyclefit and Seven Cycles are donating £400 to two foundations that are helping during this pandemic. Cyclefit is donating £200 to Young Minds. Seven Cycles is matching the donation at $250 to the Boston Resiliency Fund.

Young Minds

Cyclefit chose Young Minds because they are leading the fight for a future where all youth are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. Young Minds makes sure kids get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties. Young Minds is helping more kids than ever during the current COVID-19 pandemic. They need your help.

Boston Resiliency Fund

Seven Cycles chose The Boston Resiliency Fund. It is a government-run project that provides food for children and seniors, technology for remote learning for students, and support to first responders and healthcare workers in the City of Boston. The fund was set up to coordinate the City's fundraising efforts to support City of Boston residents most affected by the coronavirus.