Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 BMC/Blendr Mount - Short

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  • Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V2) mount for Bontrager's Blendr and BMC's ICS stem mount system.​
  • Short version, keeping your device just in front of your handlebars.
  • No additional hardware required. Nut and bolt should be part of your stem mount.

Note: The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V2) is new for May 2021, featuring a colour screen and slightly larger size. This mount will not be suitable for the original Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V1) sold between March 2017 - April 2021.

Mount your Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V2) in front of your handlebars with Bontrager's Blendr and BMC's ICS stem mount system. The lug is typical of many action cameras and smart devices and will therefore fit a huge array of other mounts.

Simply attach to the lug on your BMC/Blendr mount and rotate the Wahoo unit to your prefered orientation.