Wahoo Elemnt to Garmin Edge Adaptorty

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If you have a non replaceable integrated Garmin mount but want to mount a Wahoo ELEMNT without modifying either device or mount, this adapter is what you need. Mounts onto your Garmin Edge / Forerunner mount with the same quarter turn that Garmin devices use. It provides a Wahoo ELEMNT mount on top of the Garmin Edge / Forerunner mount. Please note it does raise the Wahoo ELEMNT 7 mm above where an Edge device would normally mount. No additional hardware is required. Depending on printing tolerances and finish chosen the adapter may be a very tight fit. Many older Garmin Forrunner mounts are 90° offset from similar Garmin Edge mounts and some are not configurable. Please choose the correct variant Wahoo mount adapter to use with Garmin Forerunner mount. No additional hardware is necessary.