OPEN WI.DE. frameset

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The biggest tire clearance gravel bike we make at 2.4” wide, still with road geometry & parts to combine speed with go-anywhere capabilities with included ENVE Adventure fork. Ideal for the toughest singletrack and roads.

The OPEN U.P. inspired a generation of gravel bikes that could fit up to 2.1” tires. The WI.DE. (Winding Detours) can run even bigger tires while still fitting road cranks! The monster tires help you conquer the most extreme terrain, the performance geometry & narrow Q-factor keep you efficient while the steering geometry keeps you nimble.

  • With 650b gravel or mountain bike tires up to 2.4”, rutted singletrack, slippery roots and loose rocks are no match
  • With 700c gravel tires up to 46mm, even the toughest gravel roads are tackled at lightning speed
  • With 700c road tires (we recommend 35-40mm wide), you have the most comfortable road bike ever invented

The U.P.’s dropped chainstay has become our most copied frame feature ever. No wonder, as it is a great way to create more tire clearance. The WI.DE. goes one better. By dropping both chainstays, the monostay just behind the bottom bracket becomes a very efficient box structure. This increases BB stiffness, reduces weight and squeezes even more tire clearance out of the frame.

Finding ways to fit the biggest possible tire into a bike with road geometry and road cranks is one of our specialties. The WI.DE. does this thanks to the double-drop chainstays mentioned above and a dedicated 1x frame design. Since most of our customers run 1x drivetrains, we can use the inner chainring space to move the chainstay outward and increase tire clearance. As a result, the WI.DE. comfortably accepts up to 2.4” tires in 650b (or 46mm on 700c wheels). Actual tire width depends on tire model and rim width, so measure instead of relying on the tire label. Forget “100% hi-modulus aero-space carbon”. It’s not about high- or low-modulus, it’s about the right carbon in the right spot (or TRCinTRS™ as we mockingly call it). Fact: stiffer carbon is more brittle. So it's great for stiffness (on the sides of the downtube) but bad for impact loads (for example around the headtube). Hence the best lay-up is a blend. We strategically place the ultra-high modulus (very stiff) carbon where we can, and tougher grades of carbon where we must. That’s how our frames are both light and durable.

As your Wide Detours get wider, you want to take more stuff but without it getting unwieldy. So you can mount an extra bottle under the downtube and a toolbox under the BB, ideal for stability. The tool box mounts are off-center to create extra clearance to the chainring. If you don’t use a toolbox, you can mount a larger water bottle under the downtube. The WI.DE. is also designed to take a (strapless) toptube bag as well as saddle, handlebar and frame bags for longer high-speed adventures.

  • Frame-only size M, ±3% 1.040g
  • Sizes XS/S/M/L/XL
  • Stock colors Grey matte
  • BB standard BB386EVO pressfit 86.5x46mm BB shell
  •  Recommended groupsets The WIDE is designed for serious off-road riding. We recommend a rear derailleur with a clutch or cage damper (Shimano GRX 1x, SRAM Force AXS & Red AXS 1x, SRAM Apex1, Rival1, Force1)
  • Shimano crank fit All road cranks
  • SRAM crank fit All DUB road, Force 1 BB30
  • Front derailleur mount none, 1x drivetrains only
  •  Recommended ring shape Flat (for example Wolftooth)
  • Maximum 1x ring size 46t (flat ring), 42t (SRAM offset ring). This applies to most current generation cranks. Clearance depends on crank & chainring model. 2mm space is required.
  •  Minimum 1x ring size In standard set-up: 38t (flat & offset rings). Smaller rings can work depending on cassette/rear derailleur/chain length setup
  • Rear thru-axle 142x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12
  • Rear disc rotor size 160mm only
  • Rear brake caliper mount Smartmount 160 system attaches flatmount caliper, without adaptor, for 160mm rotors
  • Rear brake bolts SRAM 1x 27mm (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.004), 1x 32mm (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.006)
  • Rear brake bolts Shimano 1x 33.2mm (part# Y8N208010), 1x 38.2mm (part# Y8N208020)
  • MultiStop internal system Mechanical 1x, Di2, eTap
  • Headset Integrated IS42/28.6 | IS52/40
  • Seatpost 27.2mm diameter, standard set-up zero-offset
  • Cage mounts Seattube, downtube, under-downtube, under-BB
  • TT bag mount system 100mm front-post-to-headset-edge

Included with frameset: Headset, seattube collar, thru-axles, 2 RD hangers, 3 MultiStops (1x, Di2, eTap), cable exit stop, noise-reduction foam sleeves, bottle cage bolts, manual


rider height¹ (cm) <165 160-171 169-180 178-191 188-205
stack 520 545 570 595 620
reach 346 358 370 382 394
standover² 707 739 777 794 817
headtube angle 68.0° 69.0° 71.0° 71.5° 71.5°
headtube length 99 125 150 170 196
fork offset 50 50 50 50 50
seattube length 464 495 530 550 564
seattube angle 72.5° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
seattube angle (norm.³) 74.5° 74.0° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
toptube length 510 530 550 570 590
toptube length (norm.³) 490 515 540 560 580
BB drop 80 77 75 75 75
front center 583 596 599 613 634
rear center 420 420 420 420 420
wheelbase 990 1004 1009 1022 1042

¹ Estimates; for accuracy use stack/reach of your current gravel/road bike or a fit session.
² Standover to the top of the toptube directly above the BB (varies with tire size).
³ Normalized dimensions to compare to frames with standard (non-zero-offset) seattubes.